Seamlessly onboard streaming workloads to Azure Synapse Analytics
Published Jan 06 2020 10:11 AM 5,072 Views

Native streaming capabilities for ingestion and near real-time analytics with Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly SQL Data Warehouse) have been available since the launch at Microsoft Ignite. Onboarding and managing your streaming workloads for SQL analytics has never been easier.


Previously setting up and managing streaming workloads was a complex and cumbersome process for Azure Synapse. Users have to setup and configure separate services such as Azure Stream Analytics and Databricks where each service has their own billing and security models including separate provisioning experiences.


With the latest streaming capabilities, you can now seamlessly onboard and manage streaming workloads where:


  • The COPY command is now leveraged under the covers for high-throughput data ingestion directly to compute nodes
  • Users no longer require CONTROL permissions on their database set up their streaming jobs - only ADMINISTER DATABASE BULK OPERATIONS and INSERT permissions on the specified table is required
  • Provisioning and managing streaming jobs can be done directly in the portal of Azure Synapse without opening multiple portal blades, notebooks, and editors
  • Automatic schema detection on the streaming input source enables a simple and code free set-up process including automatic table creation

Stay tuned for additional streaming capabilities and enhancements to our user experience! Help us by joining our preview and signing up directly in the Azure Synapse portal:



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