How to send ideas and suggestions to the Synapse team

Published Aug 19 2021 09:21 AM 2,960 Views

This week Azure Synapse Analytics no longer uses UserVoice to collect feature ideas and suggestions. Our new, improved system will be available later this year. Until the new system is available, use the Synapse forum on Microsoft Q&A.


Finding the Synapse forum on Microsoft Q&A

Follow this shortcut, and you will get to our forum location shown below




Entering your idea or suggestion


Then, in the upper-right section of the page click ASK A QUESTION.




After that, you can enter your feature idea or suggestion as a question.


PROTIP: Put "IDEA" or "SUGGESTION" in the title and to help us find and collect all your ideas and will help other users to see your idea and vote on it. 


Final thoughts

  • We pay attention to EVERY piece of feedback and how many people voted for it.
  • When the new forum is online we will let you know via this blog and Twitter. 
  • The new forum will have all the submissions from the old UserVoice site. Nothing will be lost in this transition.
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