Azure Synapse Analytics Simplifies Discovery of Partner Solutions
Published Jul 14 2021 09:00 AM 6,951 Views

Business challenge

The large variety of solutions available in the market can make it difficult for users to discover offerings that are new to them. Even knowing the offerings available in the industry, it often takes multiple steps to create the right accounts in each system, configure the connections and credentials and get third-party solutions working with Azure services.


Making it easier to find partner solutions

Today, we’re announcing simple discovery of solution partners that extend the capabilities of Azure Synapse Analytics. The new Browse partners page in Synapse Studio serves as a hub for discovering third-party ISV partners and solutions verified to work with Azure Synapse. It simplifies getting started with these solutions, including the automated setup of the initial connection to the third-party platform.



Browse partners now available in the Home hub of Synapse Studio


We’re partnering with industry leaders in this experience to allow a friction-less trial experience. With one click, we create a new sandbox environment and help you connect to partner solutions quickly and start a trial of their product. The trial can then be customized to your environment, making it simple to explore and learn how you can augment your usage of Azure Synapse through partner offerings.


How does it work?

When you select a partner from the Browse partners gallery, we’ll create an environment that can be used exclusively for this trial experience and securely send the connection details for this environment to the our partner’s trial. You will be forwarded to the partner’s trial page and start experimenting with partner solutions that are verified to work with Azure Synapse. While we’re sending only the details of this sandbox environment to our partner, you are welcome to customize the trial to use your own data.



Connecting to a partner solution


What about security?

The only information we send to our partners is the server name (that’s the fully qualified domain name of your Synapse workspace), the name of the newly created dedicated SQL pool, and the SQL login (username only). We do not share your passwords with our partners – you will be required to input it when you start the partner trial. To allow partners to offer a trial experience to every Azure Synapse user, we send them your first and last name, and your e-mail address. This prevents misuse of their software terms.


From there, our partners take over the trial experience. Note that Microsoft doesn’t control the terms of the trial offered by our partners. If you already have an account with that partner or already used a trial outside of the context of this experience, the partner may or may not offer you a trial.


What ISV solutions are available?

Azure Synapse already supports an extensive ecosystem of ISVs from business intelligence applications, data integration, data management solutions, and more. Browse partners includes small a subset of these partners. At launch, we’re adding the following partner solutions, each of which also a free Proof-of-Value (POV) offer with Azure Synapse Analytics, that you can leverage to accelerate your time to value :

The list of partners will continue to grow over time. Make sure you check back often to see new ISV solutions available in the gallery.


Get started today.

You can get started with three easy steps:

  • Select Browse partners on the home page of Synapse Studio.
  • Pick a partner application.
  • Select Connect to partner.

Make sure you check the free proof-of-value offers from our partners:

You can learn more about Browse partners in our documentation page.

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