Swiss DCs Partner Update Call September 2023


Please find attached the pdf slides and recording from this quarter's partner Swiss DCs update call. Main info covered: 


New Public Customer Stories

  • M365 at City of Bern 
  • M365 at Canton Thurgau 
  • Dynatrace on Azure with Aargauische Kantonalbank and Mobiliar
  • Goldbach Media with Decentriq on Azure Confidential Computing
  • Vontobel using Azure OpenAI
  • Mobiliar using Azure OpenAI


  • Azure OpenAI launch in Switzerland North
  • Confidential Computing with AMD SEV (Secure Encrypted Virtualization) in Switzerland North
  • Zone-Redundant Storage Premium Files launched in Switzerland North
  • Zone-Redundant Storage Managed Disks expected next quarter
  • Azure VMware Solution AVS – NDA updates
  • Please approach me if your customers have a need for further workloads in Swiss DCs

Dynamics 365

  • Region’s feature parity lists now also publicly available
  • Updated information about D365 F&O geo moves

Next Call

  • Cadence switched to quarterly calls
  • Next call will be on Dec 15
  • Participants who joined at least one call in the last 12 months were invited, please approach me if you'd like to join as well
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