Swiss DCs Partner Update Call March 2024


Please find attached the pdf slides from this quarter's partner Swiss DCs update call. The recording is too large to share here, please approach me directly in the next four weeks if you would like to access it. Main info covered: 


New Public Customer Stories

  • Azure OpenAI at Rhaetian Railway with startup ParetoLabs
  • SAP on Azure at Canton Aargau
  • M365 at Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel
  • Azure OpenAI at startup Apiax
  • M365 at Schweizer Paraplegiker Zentrum
  • Azure OpenAI at Pictet with startup Unique


  • Microsoft Dev Box launched in Switzerland North, same price as in European DCs

  • Archive Tier within Azure Backup in Switzerland North

  • Azure NetApp Files Backup in both Switzerland North and West

  • Bsv2/Basv2 now GA in Switzerland North – Bsv2 also in Switzerland West

  • NDA update on Azure VMware Solution

  • NDA update on more powerful GPUs NVv5 for Virtual Desktop, enabling resource-intensive applications such as CAD

  • Please approach me if your customers have a need for further workloads in Swiss DCs


  • M365 Backup available as public preview, including Swiss DCs – invoicing follows the pay-as you-go model as part of Microsoft Syntex per-user licensing

  • M365 Copilot Local Data Residency, as long as M365 tenant is located in Swiss DCs

    • Was added to Product Terms on March 1 2024, publicly also documented

    • Stored data is “content of interactions”: the user's prompt and Copilot's response, including citations to any information used to ground Copilot's response

    • Data isn't used to train foundation LLMs

    • LLM located outside Switzerland, processing happens there as publicly documented 

Next Call

  • Cadence switched to quarterly calls
  • Next call will be on June 21 2024 14.00
  • Participants who joined at least one call in the last 12 months were invited, please approach me if you'd like to join as well
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