Swiss DCs Partner Update Call June 2023 & Info Moving Forward


Please find attached the pdf slides and recording from Friday's partner Swiss DCs update call. Main info covered: 


New Public Customer Stories

  • PwC Switzerland using Azure, M365 and security solutions  
  • Vaudoise extending the partnership with Azure, M365 and D365 in Swiss DCs


  • Arc-enabled Kubernetes now GA in Switzerland North
  • Azure Virtual Network Manager in Switzerland North and West
  • Ultra Disks now available in 2 AZs in Switzerland North – under NDA: 3rd AZ also planned
  • Azure Web PubSub in Switzerland West (already available in North before)
  • Azure SignalR in Switzerland West (already available in North before)
  • Update Management Center now deployed for Arc-enabled servers in Switzerland North
  • Dynatrace SaaS exclusively on Azure in Switzerland with local data residency
  • Azure VMware Solution AVS – NDA updates
  • Please approach me if your customers have a need for further workloads in Swiss DCs

Dynamics 365

  • Push Notifications in D365 Marketing enabled as a private preview with June
    release, send us an organization ID to unlock the push notification feature

Next Calls

  •  After four years monthly calls, switching cadence to one call per quarter
  • Next call will be end of September
  • Will send new invite to participants who joined at least
    one call in the last 12 months
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