Proactive: Azure Blogs - Articles from 19-June-2023 to 25-June-2023


AI + Machine Learning

Covering: Anomaly Detector, Azure Bot Services, Azure Cognitive Search, Azure ML, Azure Open Datasets, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Video Indexer, Computer Vision, Content Moderator, Custom Vision, Data Science VM, Face API, Azure Form Recognizer, Azure Immersive Reader, Kinect DK, Language Understanding (LUIS), Microsoft Genomics, Personalizer, Project Bonsai, QnA Maker, Speaker recognition, Speech to Text, Speech translation, Cognitive Service for Language, Text to Speech, Translator, Azure Metrics Advisor, Health Bot, Azure Percept, Azure Applied AI Services, Azure OpenAI Service

Introducing Azure OpenAI Service On Your Data in Public Preview

Azure OpenAI GPT model to review Pull Requests for Azure DevOps

Distributed ML Training for Lane Detection, powered by NVIDIA and Azure NetApp Files

Build 2023: Transforming customer experiences with automated, AI-assisted communication

Future of Retail: Introducing AI-powered Product Recognition in Azure Cognitive Services for Vision

Deploying a Large Language Model (GPT-2) on Azure Using Power Automate: Step-by-Step Guide

Enhance command and control with AI and machine learning

Bring your own data to Azure OpenAI chat models

Azure AI services building a chatbot

Getting started with Azure Machine Learning

MPI Vodcast | Ep 28 Empowering Microsoft partners in the era of AI

MidDay Cafe Episode 36 - Human AI Partnership



Covering: Azure Analysis Services, Azure Data Explorer, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Data Share, Azure Databricks, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Synapse Analytics, Data Catalog, Data Lake Analytics, HDInsight, Power BI Embedded, R Server for HDInsight, Microsoft Purview, Microsoft Graph Data Connect, Azure Chaos Studio

Master Stream Analytics with the Physical Job Diagram

Generally Available: Azure Cosmos DB to Azure Data Explorer Synapse Link

Generally Available: Cosmos DB to Azure Data Explorer Synapse Link

General availability: Introducing DropMappedField transformation for data mappings in Azure Data Exp...

Copy data to Azure Data Services at scale with Microsoft Fabric

Exploring Responsible Data Analytics - Empowering Students for a Data-Driven Future



Covering: Azure CycleCloud, Azure Quantum, Azure Spot Virtual Machines, Azure VMware Solution, Batch, Linux Virtual Machines, Virtual Machine Scale Sets, Virtual Machines, Azure Dedicated Host, Azure VM Image Builder, Azure Functions, Service Fabric

Azure Functions Newsletter ? June 2023

Accelerate mainframe application modernization with IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack on Microsoft

Azure Landing Zone Accelerator for AVS - Using a Central Hub in Azure

Configuring Azure Blob Trigger Identity Based Connection



Covering: Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Red Hat OpenShift, Azure Container Apps, Web App for Containers, Azure Container Instances, Azure Container Registry

Gain full observability into Windows containers on Azure Kubernetes Service using Datadog

Open at Microsoft ? Bridge to Kubernetes

Public Preview: Network Observability add-on on AKS

Raincode 360 on Azure: make your mainframe applications truly cloud-native in Azure!



Covering: Azure Cache for Redis, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Database for MariaDB, Azure Database for MySQL, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure SQL, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Edge, Azure SQL Managed Instance, SQL Server on Azure VM, Table Storage, Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra, Azure Confidential Ledger

Lesson Learned #374: Execution of class failed.

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 19.1 and Recent Changes, Part 3

Generally Available: Azure Cosmos DB to Azure Data Explorer Synapse Link

Generally Available: Cosmos DB to Azure Data Explorer Synapse Link

Lesson Learned #375: Playing with Hikari Connection Pooling Logging

Lesson Learned #376: Resolving 'Msg 15151' error when modifying SQL Login in Azure Active Directory

Lesson Learned #377:Running Multiple Instances of SqlBulkCopy in Parallel from PowerShell

Lesson Learned #378: What does mean Pool Blocking Period?

Lesson Learned #379: ADALNativeWrapper.ADALGetAccessToken error using AAD - Password Authentication

Calling a REST service from Azure SQL DB | Data Exposed

Lesson Learned #380:Unable to load adalsql.dll (Authentication=XYZ).Error code:0x2

Lesson Learned #381: The connection is broken and recovery is not possible message using API ODBC

Lesson Learned #382: Loading multiple Audit Log files using sys.fn_get_audit_file

The Right Tools for Optimizing Azure SQL Managed Instance Performance


Developer Tools

Covering: App Configuration, Azure DevTest Labs, Azure Lab Services, SDKs, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Azure Load Testing

How to use GitHub Copilot: Prompts, tips, and use cases

Introducing the New T4 Command-Line Tool for .NET

Microsoft Forms Service?s Journey to .NET 6

Get ready for fsharpConf 2023!

[Customer Story] University of Washington advances cybersecurity education with Azure Lab Services

Step-by-Step: How to Setup Copilot Chat in VS Code

Announcement: Introducing .NET Framework Custom Code for Azure Logic Apps (Standard) - Preview

General availability of SSIS Projects for VS 2022



Covering: Azure Artifacts, Azure Boards, Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines, Azure Repos, Azure Test Plans, DevOps tool integrations, Azure Load Testing

New Boards Hub Update, Sprint 223

How to use GitHub Copilot: Prompts, tips, and use cases

What's New with GitHub for ISVs: June 2023 Edition



Covering: Microsoft Azure Stack, Azure Arc

Azure Stack HCI keeps setting Livemigration to 1 - here is why

Azure Stack HCI ? The Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure



Covering: Azure Active Directory, Multi-factor Authentication, Azure Active Directory Domain Services, Azure Active Directory External Identities

Important: Azure AD Graph Retirement and Powershell Module Deprecation



Covering:  API Management, Event Grid,  Logic Apps , Service Bus

Azure Logic Apps Mission Critical Series: "We Speak: IBM DB2"

New Azure Integration Services Blog!

.NET Framework Custom Code in Azure Logic Apps (Standard) - Troubleshooting Strategies

Announcement: Introducing .NET Framework Custom Code for Azure Logic Apps (Standard) - Preview

Azure Logic Apps Community Day - On Demand Resources


Internet Of Things

Covering: Azure IoT Central, Azure IoT Edge, Azure IoT Hub, Azure RTOS, Azure Sphere, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Time Series Insights, Microsoft Defender for IoT, Azure Percept, Windows for IoT

No New Articles

General Availability: Azure Sphere version 23.05 is now generally available

IoT devices and Linux-based systems targeted by OpenSSH trojan campaign


Management and Governance

Covering: Automation, Azure Advisor, Azure Backup, Azure Blueprints, Azure Lighthouse, Azure Monitor, Azure Policy, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Service Health, Azure Site Recovery, Cloud Shell, Cost Management, Azure Portal, Network Watcher, Azure Automanage, Azure Resource Mover, Azure Chaos Studio, Azure Managed Grafana

Azure Marketplace new offers ? June 20, 2023

Mastering Azure Portal Admin: A Comprehensive Guide for Effective Cloud Management

Ask me anything (AMA) Microsoft Azure training, certifications, and cloud computing career

Machine learning in Azure Monitor Logs

Terraform on Azure June Update



Covering: Azure Media Player, Content Protection, Encoding, Live and On-Demand Streaming, Media Services

No New Articles



Covering: Azure Database Migration Service, Azure Migrate, Data Box, Azure Site Recovery

No New Articles


Mixed Reality

Covering: Digital Twins, Kinect DK, Spatial Anchors, Remote Rendering, Object Anchors

 Public Preview of Azure Remote Rendering Support for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro



Covering: Azure Maps, MAUI, Notification Hubs, Visual Studio App Center, Xamarin, Azure Communication Services

No New Articles



Covering: Application Gateway, Bastion, DDoS Protection, DNS, Azure ExpressRoute, Azure Firewall, Load Balancer, Firewall Manager, Front Door, Internet Analyzer, Azure Private Link, Content Delivery Network, Network Watcher, Traffic Manager, Virtual Network, Virtual WAN, VPN Gateway, Web Application Firewall, Azure Orbital, Route Server, Network Function Manager, Virtual Network Manager, Azure Private 5G Core

General Availability of Structured Logs and Single Click Upgrade/Downgrade in Azure Firewall



Covering: Defender for Cloud, DDoS Protection, Dedicated HSM, Azure Information Protection, Microsoft Sentinel, Key Vault, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Microsoft Defender for IoT, Microsoft Azure Attestation, Azure Confidential Ledger

Introducing the Azure Workbook for Defender CSPM Visualization: Enhance Your Cloud Security Posture

Mastering Azure Portal Admin: A Comprehensive Guide for Effective Cloud Management



Covering: Archive Storage, Avere vFXT for Azure, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Data Share, Files, FXT Edge Filer, HPC Cache, NetApp Files, Blob Storage, Data Box, Disk Storage, Queue Storage, Storage Accounts, Storage Explorer, StorSimple

Automated NFS volume failover using automounter with Azure NetApp Files

Generally available: Azure Premium SSD v2 Disk Storage in Southeast Asia, UK South, South Central US...

Block Migrations added to Azure Storage Migration Program



Covering: App Configuration, App Service, Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Maps, Azure SignalR Service, Static Web Apps, Azure Communication Services, Azure Web PubSub, Azure Fluid Relay, Web App for Containers

No New Articles


Azure Virtual Desktop

Covering: Windows Virtual Desktop, VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for Azure

Version 1.2.4419 of the Windows Desktop client for AVD has been released to Insiders!

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