AZQR: Azure Quick Review


If you are looking for a way to quickly assess the status and configuration of your Azure resources, you might want to try Azure Quick Review (azqr): a command-line interface (CLI) tool that scans your Azure resources and generates an Excel report with detailed information and recommendations based on Azure’s best practices.

Azure Quick Review is an open source project hosted on GitHub. You can find the source code, documentation, installation instructions and usage examples here


Link: AZQR: Azure Quick Review - Code it Yourself... (


Example from one of my subscriptions:




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@Andre Heim this is a great tool, is there a way to save the output in pbix format so we can publish the report to a web powerbi workspace ?

Not a pbix but a pbit file. Check were azqr also creates a Power BI Desktop pbit file.

@Andre Heim Thank you for the quick response. One last question, it says cost is disabled by default - can we get those metrics as well ? How can we enable it ?

As this is a Open Source project, ask these questions in the Github repo through creation of an issue.

You would add -c to enable cost @sbandarupalli