Nagios with Azure Stack

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Configuring Azure Stack with  nagios. I need to know how to configure azurestack_services.cfg and azurestack_hosts.cfg ?


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Happy to help. What is your specific question?

The documentation that you have linked below does cover all parameters you need to configure the config file.


Parameter Description Authentication

**External_domain_fqdn **External Domain FQDN 
**region: **Region Name 
**tenant_id: **Tenant ID* 
client_id:Client IDSPN with secret
client_secret:Client PasswordSPN with secret
client_cert**:Path to CertificateSPN with certificate
client_cert_thumbprint**:Certificate ThumbprintSPN with certificate


You can always reach out directly to me sharing any environmental specific error that you have.


Hi@troettinger ,


Now i'm stuck here.






The SPN that you use in the configuration file, did you grant reader permission to the default provider subscription?