Default user replAgentUser in SQL Managed Instance

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Can someone please provide an information about this user? By the name it appears to be used by the replication but I do not find details.


Is this created by Microsoft? do you have it also?

Thank you


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@Adrian Chirtoc 

We also had this user appear on our vulnerability scan as not being in the baseline and not added by us.  

We deleted it as could not determine origin.

 @Adrian Chirtoc

Per Microsoft:

This login has been introduced for the purposes of Transactional Replication feature and should remain within the sysadmin group.

If you decide to drop it however, since you might not use Transactional Replication, it will affect Transactional Replication feature should it be used any time in the future.

If you are certain that Transactional Replication is never going to be used, you might drop it; it shouldn’t affect anything else other than replication, however we wouldn’t recommend taking that route.

This is apparently included as part of the November 2022 Feature wave.