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starting with 150 the Azure edition hasn't all features the on premise version has... for that reason the ODBC connection fails for driver "SQL Server" and there are some applications on the market they do require exactly this driver... and reengineering tons of VB6 code is just not feasible
AzureSQL is indeed very useful. The blog was quite interesting. Looking forward to more of such blogs. @MarisaBrasile
@AmolAgarwalSQL I understand, but IMHO the limitation is more bound to how MSI is handled on the SQL side. With other types of Azure resources I can set privileges using MSIs directly in my ARM template, so I'm guessing that the user deploying the template needs to have basically Directory Readers r...
@arek-avanade SQL needs to talk to AAD to verify the AAD user that you are about to give access too. SQL can't talk to AAD with SPN token itself as AAD does not allow that, so only way for SQL to talk to AAD is to use MSI. And AAD only allows that if MSI has Directory Readers permissions. So, in sen...
Thanks @AmolAgarwalSQL. Now I understand 'server identity' is just like MSI that I usually assign to my App Services. I realized there is a serious limitation in the above solution - if server identity needs to be part of Directory Readers role and I want to run all of this from build pipeline, that...