Threat Detection in Azure SQL Database is now Generally Available
Published Mar 23 2019 06:28 PM 433 Views
First published on MSDN on May 02, 2017
We are excited to announce that Threat Detection is now Generally Available in Azure SQL Database.

Threat Detection detects anomalous activities indicating unusual and potentially harmful attempts to access or exploit databases. Threat Detection leverages machine learning to provide an additional layer of security built into the SQL Database service, enabling SQL Database customers to protect their databases within minutes without needing to be an expert in database security. It works around the clock to profile and alert of anomalous activities on your databases, including potential vulnerabilities and SQL injection attacks, as well as anomalous database access patterns. Security officers or other designated administrators get email notification once a threat is detected on the database. Threat detection alerts can also be viewed from Azure Security Center and provide details of suspicious activity and recommend action on how to investigate and mitigate the threat. To learn more about Threat Detection, including pricing, visit Get started with SQL Database Threat Detection .

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