Meet the Microsoft SQL team at PASS Summit 2019
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The SQL Server and Azure SQL Engineering teams will be in full force speaking at several sessions at the PASS Summit 2019 conference (the largest technical conference for the Microsoft Data Platform Community). The conference will take place Nov 5-8, 2019, in Seattle, WA.

The team will present several sessions and share the cool new innovations in SQL Server and Azure SQL to help you with your journey, wherever you may be (cloud, on-prem, even edge!). We will also share stories from several customers that have successfully deployed and are running their mission critical workloads on SQL. Stop by our booth and attend our sessions to learn as well as to interact with the team to share feedback and get your questions answered.

Here is a list of sessions that the team will be presenting:

Date Time Session Room Speaker(s)
2019-11-04 8:30 AM The SQL Server 2019 Workshop (SOLD OUT) 618 Bob Ward
2019-11-05 8:30 AM Modernizing your Database with Azure SQL (Precon) - Register now! 2AB Andreas Wolter, Davide Mauri, Denzil Ribeiro, Dimitri Furman, Jovan Popovic, Mladen Andzic, Rie Irish, Rohit Nayak, Sanjay Mishra, Shreya Verma
2019-11-05 8:30 AM The SQL Server 2019 Workshop (SOLD OUT) 618 Bob Ward
2019-11-06 10:15 AM What’s new in SQL Server Tools 606 Udeesha Gautam, Vicky Harp
2019-11-06 10:45 AM SQL Server and Azure Data: What to Use When  6E Anna Hoffman, Bob Ward
2019-11-06 1:30 PM Improving Availability in SQL Server and Azure SQL Database with Accelerated Database Recovery and R... 6B Pam Lahoud
2019-11-06 1:30 PM SQL Server 2019: Your Next Modern Data Platform  TCC Tahoma 4 Bob Ward
2019-11-06 3:15 PM A Behind the Scenes Look at ML, AI, and Deep Learning 3AB Anna Hoffman
2019-11-06 4:45 PM SQL Server and Azure SQL Database Intelligent Query Performance 612 Joe Sack, Pedro Lopes
2019-11-07 6:45 AM SQL from Ground to the Cloud (Full - Join Waitlist!)   Asad Khan, Sanjay Mishra
2019-11-07 10:15 AM Azure SQL Database Edge: Overview 608 Amit Banerjee
2019-11-07 10:15 AM Choice with Compatibility: SQL Server 2019 on Linux and Containers 615 Tejas Shah
2019-11-07 10:15 AM Enabling End to End Scenarios with Data Virtualization in SQL Server 2019 TCC Yakima 1 James Rowland-Jones
2019-11-07 1:30 PM SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machine Re-Imagined 6B Bob Ward, Shreya Verma
2019-11-07 1:30 PM Modernize Your SQL Server the Right Way  TCC Tahoma 4 Pam Lahoud
2019-11-07 4:45 PM Azure SQL Database: Maximizing Cloud Performance and Availability 6E Denzil Ribeiro, Joe Sack
2019-11-07 4:45 PM SQL Server Migration: The Last Mile 3AB Pedro Lopes
2019-11-08 8:00 AM Inside SQL Server on Kubernetes  612 Bob Ward
2019-11-08 9:30 AM SQL Managed Instance: a Fully Managed SQL Server in the Cloud 615 Jovan Popovic, Mladen Andzic
2019-11-08 9:30 AM Presenting Big Data Clusters for SQL Server 2019 608 James Rowland-Jones
2019-11-08 9:30 AM Turbocharge Your SQL Server with In-Memory Database 6E Pam Lahoud
2019-11-08 11:00 AM Best, Better, Hyperscale! The Last Database You will Ever Need in the Cloud 604 Jeroen ter Heerdt
2019-11-08 2:00 PM What's new in Security for Azure SQL/MI 618 Andreas Wolter, Mirek Sztajno, Rohit Nayak
2019-11-08 3:30 PM Azure SQL Database Serverless: Compute Autoscaling Solution to Optimize Database Price-Performance 606 Morgan Oslake

You can see all the Microsoft Sessions here. Additionally, many other members from the SQL Engineering team (from Ground to Cloud) will be joining at the booth, so be sure to stop by. 

See you soon!


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