Demo - Azure SQL Database Managed Instance in action
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First published on MSDN on Mar 14, 2018
Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is new data service in Azure cloud that exposes fully-managed SQL Server Instance that is hosted in Azure cloud and placed in customer VNET. Here you can see some of the key new features that are available in Managed Instance.

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is fully-managed SQL Server instance that is running in Azure cloud. This service started public preview in March 2018 . Managed Instance has many instance-level features that are not available in classic Database as a Service model, such as SQL Agent, CLR, etc.

In this short demo you can see what is Managed Instance, and some key features that are enabled:

  1. Native backup/restore

  2. Service Broker/Query Notifications

  3. Cross database queries and linked servers

  4. CLR/Regular expressions

  5. SQL Agent

Demo is available on Azure SQL Database YouTube channel .

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