Data Platform Summit 2021 is a few days away!
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Data Platform Virtual Summit 2021 (DPS 2021) is right around the corner! A free, global learning event for data professionals, DPS 2021 features a variety of learning formats including breakouts, deep-dives, short-drives, and demo-only sessions. This content will be delivered by Azure Data Engineering, partner organizations, community leaders, and Data Platform MVPs. The event is fine-tuned for global time zones, AMERICA, EMEA, and APAC making it a truly global and inclusive learning event. Attendees will get to learn about the latest SQL Server and Azure Data innovations and gain deep technical skills to move ahead in their careers.


This year's keynote is from Bob Ward, Anna Hoffman, and Buck Woody, from the Microsoft Database Platform team, who will showcase SQL from edge to cloud. Microsoft Database Platform team members are delivering over 35+ sessions at DPS 2021, a Women in Technology panel, and multiple Data + AI Gurukul sessions. Visit the virtual expo hall where you can connect with our team across SQL Server, Azure SQL, Azure Synapse Analytics, Power BI, and more. 


Hear the latest from the teams who develop the tools you use every day, and engage in live discussions. Start planning which sessions you'll be attending with our quick reference guide:




Date/Time (PST)

Amit Khandelwal

SQL Server on Linux- Deployments made easy!

12-09-2021 22:30

Alexandra Ciortea

Modernize your Oracle workloads to Azure SQL

13-09-2021 0:00

Pam Lahoud, David Pless, Aditya Badramraju, Rajesh Setlem

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines Reimagined: Overview

13-09-2021 9:15

Patrick LeBlanc

PowerBI Vision, strategy and roadmap

13-09-2021 9:15

David Trigano, Michael Makhlevich

Protect your SQL assets anywhere with Azure Defender for SQL

14-09-2021 0:00

Amit Khandelwal

SQL Stateful Containers on Kubernetes with Helm!

14-09-2021 3:00

Sandy Winarko

New Enterprise-Friendly Features for SSIS in Azure Data Factory

14-09-2021 4:30

Balmukund Lakhani, Pooja Kamath

Get to know the latest & coolest features in Azure SQL Database Hyperscale

15-09-2021 5:30

Pam Lahoud, David Pless, Aditya Badramraju

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines Reimagined: Sizing Deep Dive

14-09-2021 6:00

Bhanu Prakash

Azure Databricks for AI and Analytics

14-09-2021 9:00

Drew Skwiers-Koballa, Alan Yu

What's New in SQL Tools for Developers

14-09-2021 9:00

Bob Ward, Anshul Rampal

Inside Serverless SQL pools in Azure Synapse Analytics

14-09-2021 9:00

Bob Ward, Niko Neugebauer

Inside Azure SQL Managed Instance

15-09-2021 7:00

Anna Hoffman

What’s new in Azure SQL

15-09-2021 7:00

Gaurav Malhotra

Unified Data Governance with Azure Purview

15-09-2021 8:30

Andreas Wolter

Latest Access Control enhancements in Azure SQL

15-09-2021 8:30

Pam Lahoud, David Pless, Aditya Badramraju

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines Reimagined: Storage Deep Dive

15-09-2021 10:00

Josh Caplan

Azure Synapse Analytics: AI, Synapse Link, and Microsoft Business Applications

15-09-2021 10:00

Raj Pochiraju, Ajay Jagannathan

Discover, assess Azure SQL readiness of SQL Server data estate at scale using Azure Migrate service

15-09-2021 11:30

Denzil Ribeiro

Scaling database workloads with Azure SQL Hyperscale

15-09-2021 13:00

Saveen Reddy

Azure Synapse Analytics: Overview, Updates, & Roadmap

15-09-2021 13:00

Alain Dormehl, Mara Steiu

Data Replication in Azure SQL and Beyond

15-09-2021 13:00

Arun Thiagarajan

Migrate Your MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases to Azure

15-09-2021 14:30

Sunil Sabat

Near Real Time Data Analytics with ADF

15-09-2021 14:30

Dinakar Nethi

Azure Arc enabled data services

15-09-2021 14:30

Pedro Lopes

What's new in Azure's path to an Intelligent Database

15-09-2021 14:30

Kevin Farlee

Understanding and designing HA/DR solutions in SQL Server

15-09-2021 16:00

Siva Harinath, Philip Seamark

Designing for high performance in Power BI

15-09-2021 16:00

Sourabh Agarwal, Vasiya Krishnan

DemoOnly - Azure SQL Edge : Real-time analysis of IoT Data

15-09-2021 16:00

Anna Hoffman

Develop serverless, full stack apps with Azure SQL

15-09-2021 16:00

Abhishek Narain

DeepDive - Data Engineering Best Practices using Azure Data Factory

16-09-2021 5:30

Mohamed Kabiruddin, Rajesh Setlem

Azure SQL readiness assessment and migration from Azure Data Studio

16-09-2021 7:00

Wee Hyong Tok, Linda Wang

What's new with Azure Data Factory

16-09-2021 7:00

Alain Dormehl, Anna Hoffman

Let's talk Monitoring !

16-09-2021 7:00

Jason Anderson

Protecting your data from tampering with Azure SQL Database ledger

16-09-2021 8:30

Raj Pochiraju, Mukesh Kumar

Database Modernization Best Practices & Lessons Harvested from Customer Engagements

16-09-2021 8:30

Sridhar Ranganathan, Bashar Hussein

Modernize your open-source database workloads with Flexible Server for the Azure Database for Postgres and MySQL

16-09-2021 10:00

Roberto Bustos, Emily Lisa

Azure SQL Database High availability & Disaster recovery

16-09-2021 11:30

Bob Ward

Inside the Memory of SQL

16-09-2021 13:00

Julie Koesmarno, Alan Yu

Notebooks deep dive session

16-09-2021 14:30



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