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Imagine coming back after vacationing in Hawaii, all ready to show off the tons of pictures clicked there to friends/family, but only to find your phone malfunctioning. The horror! But thankfully the photos were backed up and you were able to restore them on your new device, all set to bask in the glory of Hawaii all over again. That's the beauty of backup and restore.


Backup and restore is the cornerstone for any enterprise's business continuity and disaster recovery plans. The backup functionality offered by Azure Database for MySQL Flexible Server serves as a doomsday vault safeguarding your data. On the other hand, the restore functionality serves as a life jacket protecting from accidental data deletions and data corruption. In this episode of Data Exposed with Aditi Gupta and Anna Hoffman, learn more about how to use the fastest restore points and geo-redundant backups to fortify your server workloads. Also, get a sneak peek into one of our upcoming feature launches for taking on-demand backups.


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