Service Fabric Patch Orchestration Application Open Source Announcement

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First published on MSDN on May 06, 2019
We are excited to open source Service Fabric Patch Orchestration Application for Windows:

This is a canonical example of how to build a .Net Service Fabric Application, and provides a solution for coordinating the patching of on premise cluster host Windows machines.

It is recommended for Azure Service Fabric cluster machines, that you use Azure virtual machine scale automatic OS image upgrades, to keep machines patched when hosted in Azure:

Microsoft How To guides documentation for the Patch Orchestration Application is the accessible supportability content, for those whom adopt Patch Orchestration Application, and it contains great information like version 1.2* and below is going out of support on 30 April 2019: ...

Patch Orchestration Application for Linux machines is being deprecated, as SF linux cluster customers leverage their favorite well understood alternative mechanisms, for patching their Linux host machines.
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