Service Fabric Community Q&A 38

Published 10-16-2019 02:26 PM 3,051 Views
This week brings the 38th Service Fabric Community Q&A call! Join us at 10am PDT on Thursday, Oct 17th to ask us any questions related to Service Fabric, Mesh, containers in Azure, etc. This month's Q&A features one session at 10am PDT:
As usual, there is no need to RSVP - just navigate to the link to the call and you're in. 

Talk soon!
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is that the correct link?  

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Hey guys. I really look forward to these calls, but always miss them due to the very short notice (1 or 2 days) between these posts and the actual call. Few months back, there used to be at least one week heads-up. Please consider giving us some more lead time. Thanks!

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Yeah, I missed it too. Anyway to get a recording of it done?

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