Service Fabric 6.2 Refresh Release (CU3)

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First published on MSDN on Jun 28, 2018
Hi all,

Today a new refresh of Service Fabric is being released. We call this release CU3 and it contains updates to the following packages:

  • Service Fabric Runtime

    • Ubuntu -

    • Windows - 6.2.301.9494

    • Service Fabric for Windows Server Service Fabric Standalone Installer Package - 6.2.301.9494

  • .NET SDK

    • Windows .NET SDK - 3.1.301

    • Microsoft.ServiceFabric - 6.2.301

    • Reliable Services and Reliable Actors - 3.1.301

    • ASP.NET Core Service Fabric integration - 3.1.301

Please find the release notes here with more information and a full list of current packages in this release:

Today the .NET SDK and Windows runtime is available through Web Platform Installer, NuGet packages are being made available as well as the container image for Ubuntu development. Direct download links are in the attached release notes.

In Azure, the updated version is rolling through regions. This typically takes 5-7 days to complete as we upgrade clusters in the regions in a rolling fashion. As regions complete, the new version will also be available for manual upgrades and new clusters.

To raise issues, please look here:

Please use the comments below if you have any questions to the release notes and information provided.


The Service Fabric Team
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