Service Fabric 5.7.221 / 2.7.221 Refresh Release for Standalone, Windows and .NET SDK

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First published on MSDN on Oct 03, 2017
This release is a new refresh of the 5.7/2.7 release for Service Fabric standalone Windows and the .NET SDK. The main fix in this refresh is resolving an issue where the DNS service would stop resolving names.

This release is available as a standalone download package, in Azure and as an update to the SDK (NuGet packages and SDK via Web Platform Installer). The refresh has not been pushed out as an automatic upgrade to existing clusters. If you face any of the issues fixed in this release, upgrade your cluster to this version.

As always, check out the release notes for the details: Microsoft-Azure-Service-Fabric-Release-Notes-SDK-2.7.221-Runtime-5.7.221

We will be releasing a standalone download for 6.0 soon, please check back to this blog for more info.

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