Release of SDK Preview and Runtime Preview for Linux

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First published on MSDN on Aug 23, 2017
We have released a minor update to our  runtime and SDK preview on Linux, versions and respectively. For more details on the fixes and improvements, see the release notes.

Please follow the instructions @ to install the SDK and runtime. The installation steps have changed since the Yeoman generators and Eclipse plugins have been moved to npm repos and Mavencentral respectively.  For your dev boxes, it is recommended to uninstall the runtime and SDK and then reinstall the 5.7 SDK and runtime using the instructions above.

Upgrades from a cluster running a version 5.6 of the runtime are NOT supported. Please create new clusters to obtain the 5.7 version.

For updating the CLI, navigate to the directory where you cloned the CLI and run a git pull for updating.

Highlights of this release include Docker Compose support, Azure CLI 2.0 support, DNS Service support along with moving several of our features into open source repos.


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