Announcing New REST based Service Fabric PowerShell Module

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First published on MSDN on Dec 11, 2018
The team has been working on a new Service Fabric PowerShell module that can be used with PowerShell Core (on Windows, Linux and Mac) and Windows PowerShell. This module allows for both development and management tasks to performed from PowerShell without the need for the Service Fabric runtime or SDK installed. A preview of this library is now available on PowerShell gallery and documentation on how to use it is available here .

Runs anywhere

Building on the improvements we made with the .NET client library , this module is a standalone PowerShell module. Therefore, this can be used without the Service Fabric runtime needing to be installed. This means that on your CI/CD environments and developer machines, all the tools you need to interact with Service Fabric can be installed independently as needed.


The new PowerShell module uses the .NET client library and works with the Service Fabric REST APIs. With the REST APIs acting as the source of truth for other tooling such as SFCTL, Service Fabric Explorer , and now PowerShell, versioning and functionality will be identical across all tools.


This module is released in preview with plans to make it generally available as it reaches parity with the existing Service Fabric PowerShell module . The Service Fabric PowerShell module based on FabricClient will still continue to exist and be supported. This newly released module is open source and contributions in any form (code, issues, documentation) are welcome!

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