Microsoft Azure Service Fabric 8.2 Fifth Refresh Update (5.1) Release
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Azure Service Fabric 8.2 Fifth Refresh update (5.1) is now available!

The Azure Service Fabric 8.2 Fifth Refresh update (5.1) release includes a stability fix for Linux only.


Packages and Versions

Service Fabric Runtime

  • Ubuntu 18 - 8.2.1483.1

Current Breaking Changes

Customers running Azure Service Fabric Linux Clusters will not be able to scale out or reimage (manual or auto via VMSS OS Image Update) nodes or create new Linux clusters without upgrading to this version of Service Fabric (8.2.1483.1). Also, if your application requires JDK, then you will need to install a JDK of your choice since SF will not install the JDK as part of the SF installation. Starting 8/19/2022, the following versions will be deprecated and will not be available on Linux for new cluster creation or node reimage/scale out operations:

  • 9.0 CU2/CU1/RTO
  • 8.2 CU4/CU3/CU2.1/CU2/CU1/RTO

Details: Service Fabric Runtime (for Linux) placed a dependency on Zulu for Azure build of OpenJDK which is no longer supported as announced in their dev blog. Since the creation of new Linux clusters or scale-out/reimage of nodes required all the dependencies to be installed, these workflows broke when the dependency became unavailable.

Beginning with this release, Service Fabric Runtime will no longer install any JDK dependency which will ensure that customer can scale out, reimage, or create new Linux clusters. If your application needs JDK, please utilize an alternate mechanism to provision a JDK. To get the latest Service Fabric Runtime releases with this change, follow the upgrade documentation. If you depend on a JDK, please be sure to install one of your choice. For more information see blog: Breaking change for Azure Service Fabric Linux customers

For more details, please read the release notes

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