Azure Service Fabric managed clusters now generally available
Published May 11 2021 01:36 PM 4,619 Views

Today we’re announcing the general availability (GA) of Azure Service Fabric managed clusters. Azure Service Fabric managed clusters remove the complexity associated with owning and operating Service Fabric clusters by simplifying deployment and management operations.


Azure customers use Service Fabric to manage both stateless and stateful microservices at scale. While our customers love the reliability, scalability, and richness of Service Fabric’s features, they have asked us to simplify the cluster deployment experience. Our customers have also requested simpler Service Fabric certificate management and scaling operations to facilitate deployments, testing, and scaling of their Service Fabric environment.


Service Fabric managed clusters provide a simplified ARM resource model for easier deployments. This resource model eliminates the need to define individual resources such as Virtual Machines (VMs), storage, or Virtual Networks that make up the cluster. Service Fabric managed clusters also eliminate the need for cluster certificate management by providing certificates that are fully managed by Azure. This ensures that customers don’t run into incidents caused by expired cluster certificates. With Service Fabric managed clusters, operations like removing a node type that previously required multiple steps, can now be completed in a single step. In addition, Service Fabric managed clusters provide full support for Service Fabric's features. All these improvements together allow our customers to focus on their applications instead of infrastructure management.


"We recently started using Service Fabric and given our scale, we were concerned about the operational overhead of setting up our environments. We onboarded to Service Fabric managed clusters and were pleasantly surprised by the ease of deployment. It was a lot easier to read the simplified ARM template, add extensions, and deploy the cluster." – Azure Usage Billing 


“We operate multiple Service Fabric clusters. Rotating cluster certificates was a time-consuming yearly activity that took time away from application development. We were really excited to learn about the fully managed certificates enabled via Service Fabric managed clusters. Our operations team is elated that we no longer worry about an expired certificate bringing our environment down!” – Azure WAN


“Removing node types from a Service Fabric cluster required lots of steps, and time, which made it difficult to plan for our scaling needs. Service Fabric managed clusters make it really easy to add and remove node types with a single operation enabling us to scale on demand!” – Azure SQL Telemetry


Get started with Azure Service Fabric managed clusters

You can use Quickstart templates to get started with Service Fabric managed clusters or see the Azure Service Fabric managed clusters documentation to learn more. Additionally, you can learn more about all the new features in the release notes and submit feedback on the Service Fabric GitHub repository.  

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