Azure Service Fabric managed clusters 2021-07-01-preview release

Published Aug 25 2021 04:51 PM 2,616 Views

As a follow-up to our recent GA announcement, we want to share product updates we are making available that address top feature asks we’ve had from our customers. A new 2021-07-01-preview release for Azure Service Fabric managed clusters has rolled out to all public regions and is available now. 


With this preview release, customers can benefit from the following new features:

  • Bring your own Virtual Network 
    This feature will allow customers to create a single dedicated subnet in an existing virtual network the managed cluster will use for IP allocation needs.

  • Bring your own Load Balancer
    Specific scenarios this addresses include having a separate load balancer(s) for a secondary node type for capacity and performance considerations, multiple applications with same frontend port, and security and management by being able to leverage existing IP and load balancer setup.

  • IPv6
    This feature will allow customers to add IPv6 support for both the in-built networking and bring your own virtual network scenarios. When enabled the service will create a unique IPv4 and IPv6 address on load balancer and VM resources.


To utilize the new features in this refresh, the API version for Service Fabric managed clusters must be updated to 2021-07-01-preview.  


Try it out

Start out with our Quickstart or head over to the Service Fabric managed clusters documentation page to get started. You can find many resources including documentation, and cluster templates. You can view the feature roadmap and provide feedback on the Service Fabric GitHub repo.

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