Running the OMS agent containerised

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For our deployment setup we are wanting to run the OMS agent within a Docker container. This agent will purely serve as a log forwarder for which ingests syslog/CEF over IP or from file (mounted within the container) and forwards these logs to the Sentinel LogAnalytics workspace.


Based on the OMS agent document I've found at it seems to me that running in a container is not a supported solution, am I correct? Also, is there anyone who has experience in deploying the OMS agent within a Docker container?

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Yes you can use it as a container .
All supported environments / systems and instructions below :
Is this repository maintained? I see that repo is not updated since 2019 and there are couple of PRs pending.

Moreover, I have the similar use case and I am testing this currently. The containerised OMS agent never showed up in LA Workspace and there is no troubleshooting utility present in container. Please add some troubleshooting documentation for oms container.