OMS Agent for Linux Agent and multi homing

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According to the official documentation, the OMS agent for linux does not support multi homing.

Log Analytics agent overview - Azure Monitor | Microsoft Docs


Yet I do see some logs/hints as the below.

INFO: Scripts/nxOMSPlugin.pyc(113):

OMSAgent is multi-homed and resource is updating workspace xyz


I would like to check if the agent I am checking on is multi homed though I could not find any other workspace reference in file paths.

Is this feasible now and if so where can I read further about this or is this work in progress and if so are these logs wrong.

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It is correct that OMS Agent for Linux does not support multi-homing.

There is a new agent called Azure Monitor Agent, which will allow it, replace three other agents, and add more granular control over what telemetry is being collected, but it is currently in Preview and has several limitations. You could still try it out.

More info:

@David Pazdera Thank you, will check this option.