How do you delete a data connector

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Does anyone know how to delete a data connector from Sentinel, as I need to do this for testing?


I can't see any way of doing it in the portal (you used to be able to, but been deprecated I think :( )


I'm assuming I have to use HTTP and pass in the URI parameters. I tried this. As an example, I've got an Azure SQL Database connector that I want to delete. Where would I find the connector ID? I tried just putting in 'Azure SQL Database' in the connector ID parameter but I got a 204 code back.



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@sijmalik You can't delete a data connector, you can just turn it off by disabling whatever mechanism is being used to import the data.


In the case of the Azure SQL you would delete the diagnostic setting that is sending the data into your Log Analytics workspace.

@Gary Bushey OK, that makes perfect sense. Many thanks for your quick reply.