Defender ATP into Sentinel and then SNOW

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Hi all 

I am wanting to move Defender ATP (and other microsoft stack) alerts / incidents into Sentinel (which is easily achieved) and from here move them out into SNOW - what is the current thinking about how to aggregate the incidents as in MTP they have a start time and then an updated time (multiple alerts can become one incident by example).  

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@wootts If I am understanding what you are trying to do correctly, you cannot do it. Alerts coming from other Azure security platforms, like Defender ATP, cannot be combined into a single incident.  That functionality is only for Scheduled rules.

@Gary Bushey thanks for the heads up.... 

Adding to what Gary already said.
We do the same, but with JIRA. It is possible; but not for incidents.
Currently Sentinel will only ingest alerts, not incidents.

It works through Seninel, but it's not ideal

@Thijs Lecomte thanks for the heads up ... a work in progress lets say