Lack of Identity Security Info in ASC

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Can someone help me understand why the Identity Secure Score information is not included in Azure Security Center? Given that ASC is supposed to be providing cloud security posture management functionality and that it analyses security information from other clouds, I am expecting it to include the AAD security scorecard data, but it's no where to found so we have to go to another location.

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Yeah my Google , Azure añd IBM cloud console all supposed to have identy IAM but It never had worked to my knowledge well it definitely recognizes me but as for security Well Google thinks it's me so that's probably why...
I understand the need to reflect identity pivot in the ASC secure score in some way, but I am wondering what is that you would like to achieve? Getting the input on how you Azure (and multi-cloud) resources secured form the identity or privilege assignment angle, or you represent the proper identity score as it is? Who will be the person to review this in ASC and improve the score as you you see it? Will they need to go to Identity portal to mitigate or you expect to get recommendations in ASC?

A good start would be to just make the Score available in ASC, with a link to the aad identity score page for the actual recommendations. The security team should know about identity score changes so that actions can be taken. ASC should be the one place to go for all security info with data aggregation from every where and links to other related systems, such as m365 security center which has links to many security resources, ASC should have something similar.

lots of my clients have very small security teams and they need navigation between the numerous tools to be simpler