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We are a company in europe, and are under regulation that all data has to stay in Europe. 
Now looking af the location of the Azure Security center, it lists as Centralus. 

Anyone know, if all collected data goes to this location or  what kind of data does ?
Is there anyway to change the location of the security center ? 

I can't find any information on this on 

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Hi @Michael Thogersen,


ASC is a non-regional service.


If you use auto-provisioning for ASC agents, you can redirect collection of some data (collected by the agents from VMs, AKS) to a non-default ALA workspace that you can create in a region of your choice.


According to our documentation

Certain Azure services do not enable the customer to specify the region where the service will be deployed. These services may store or process customer data in any Microsoft datacenter unless otherwise specified:

Azure Security Center, which may store a copy of security-related customer data, collected from or associated with a customer resource (such as virtual machine or Azure AD tenant):

  1. in the same Geo as that resource, except in those Geos where Microsoft has yet to deploy Security Center, in which case a copy of such data will be stored in the United States; and
  2. where Security Center uses another Microsoft Online Service to process such data, it may store such data in accordance with the geolocation rules of that other Online Service.

Please also take a look at this article.


I hope this helps, please let us know if you still have any concerns.