Project Management with Gen AI

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We wanted to develop a Gen AI bot for Project Management activities like below, can anyone guide or help how we can start?

  • Effort estimation based on task description and technology
  • Creating tasks/subtasks/comments in the ERP project module
  • Assign the developer/resources based on the skill required
  • Monitor the progress of projects & tasks
  • Taking follow-up with the developer for particular tasks through task updates, Teams chat & Teams call.
  • Create a project progress report and share it with the respective customer through email.
  • Make the Teams call with the developer and discuss the progress/challenges (One to one call & group call)
  • Attend customer meeting calls, prepare meeting notes and share them with all the participants.
  • Make the phone call (VOIP) to employees/developers/customers/contractors for the project/task update.
  • Attending customer calls/ Team calls to understand the requirements and create a project scope document.
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@techseria I can't find anything Project Management specific on Gen-AI yet, but you may want to join the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Discussion board and there is an upcoming AMA (Ask Microsoft Anything) event coming up on Dec 14 2023 @ 09:00 AM you may want to join:


Innovate with Azure AI Studio AMA: Unleashing Generative AI for Enterprise Solutions

Thank you boss