Multichannel Support - EA's and Direct CSPs

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If you go to this article, Multichannel support for customers - Partner Center | Microsoft Learn, you will see that it states near the bottom the following:


“For a customer who already has a subscription to Microsoft Azure from another channel (such as Advisor, Open, or EA), create a new Azure subscription in Partner Center, manually enter the subscription details, and then cancel the individual services or the entire subscription. Azure CSP can coexist with different channels.”


Well, we have a customer on an Enterprise Agreement (EA) through SHI, and my company is a direct CSP.  So, I am wondering if anyone out there can answer the following:


1) Can you please elaborate on how we as a Direct CSP executes this process?

2) Will we be able to recognize revenue from this?

3) Any other critical pieces of information I should know?


Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.





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@Steve_Doe did you found the answer in the meantime? I am in the same situation.  Working for a direct CSP and we are wondering what steps are necessary to open support requests for an Azure customer which brings his own enterprise agreement subscriptions.

No, I never received a reply.

I am trying to find someone that knows about this type of thing as I don't.