Azure Spending (NCE) tab does not show all clients with Azure Spend

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I could very well be missing something obvious, but recently, there was a change to the Azure Spending (NCE) tab. It now only shows clients that have a Budget set in the CSP portal for a client. This can be easily replicated by deleting the budget amount from a client and it disappears from the Azure Spending (NCE) tab.  Even if the client has thousands in monthly spend, they do not show up.

No budget = No Alert if an Azure Sub is compromised = Partner pays for the resource spend themselves. 

When I created a case through Partner Center, I was told to go through all of our clients manually and set a budget and to constantly keep checking to see if new Subscriptions had been added, or I could check each client one by one using the Cost Management screen under each Subscription. 

This would be fine if we only had a few clients, but at over 5000 entries, this is not an acceptable workaround. 

Is there some way of downloading an Azure Spend report that shows ALL clients and not just ones that already have a Budget set? 

Thank you.

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I think this is the information you're looking for - View and download Azure usage and charges - Microsoft Cost Management | Microsoft Learn  Note: there is a "Contact Us" link on the webpage above for your convenience.


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Unfortunately, this provides none of the needed information. This is an invoice for overall Azure spend and does not include any information about individual clients and whether they have a Budget set in the CSP portal. The NCE tab used to provide a list of all clients that had an Azure Sub. You could sort by the Budget column and see any client without a Budget set. That is the information we are looking for but has been removed in the past few months. Hopefully there is some type of alternative to get this information. Thank you.

@Andrew_Boe  would you know anything about this by chance? 





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@NeedInfo thank you for reaching out.  We have shared your request for an Azure spend report showing all clients with our business and engineering team for review.