Azure Hybrid Benefit for Linux


Dear Partners,


Azure Hybrid benefit is a compelling advantage for running Linux workloads on Azure.


What is Azure Hybrid Benefit for Linux?

 Azure Hybrid Benefit is a licensing solution that lets you bring your Red Hat and Suse Linux Subscriptions directly to Azure, which customers may see savings estimated to up to 76% with Azure Hybrid for Linux


How does it help?

  • Eliminate software subscription costs at scale
  • Save time with seamless post-development conversions
  • Automatic image maintenance, updates and patches

What does it do?

  • Bi-directionally convert PAYG VMs to BYOS billing model
  • Provides software updates and integrated support, directly from Azure
  • Provides a unified user interface between Azure portal and CLI

Who is it for?

  • Azure customers running RHEL or SLES with RHEL or SLES subscriptions


Attached is a customer facing deck.

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