Zero downtime migration for Azure Front Door—now in preview


Written by Jessie Jia, Senior Product Manager, Azure Networking


In March of this year, we announced the general availability of two new Azure Front Door tiers. Azure Front Door Standard and Premium is our native, modern cloud content-delivery network (CDN), catering to both dynamic and static content delivery acceleration with built-in turnkey security and a simple and predictable pricing model. It has already been widely adopted by many of our customers. We also promised to provide a zero downtime migration tool to migrate from Azure Front Door (classic) and Azure CDN from Microsoft (classic) to the new Azure Front Door tier.


Today, we are taking the next step in that journey, and we are excited to announce the preview of the Azure Front Door tier migration capability as well as some new additional features. The migration capability for Azure CDN from Microsoft (classic) will be coming soon.


New features/capabilities on the new Front Door since general availability

Along with the migration feature, we added more capabilities, and integrations to the new Front Door tiers to provide you a better cloud CDN solution and a more integrated Azure cloud experience.


  • Preview—Upgrade from Standard to Premium tier without downtime: To learn more about upgrading to Premium tier, see Azure Front Door Tier Upgrade. This capability is also supported during the migration from Azure Front Door (classic) to the new Front Door tier.
  • Preview—Managed identities integration: Azure Front Door now supports Managed Identities generated by Azure Active Directory to allow Front Door to easily and securely access other Azure AD–protected resources such as Azure Key Vault. This feature is in addition to the AAD Application access to Key Vault that is currently supported. To learn more about how to enable managed identities on Azure Front Door Standard and Premium, please read Set up managed identity with Front Door.
  • Integration with App Service: Front Door can now be deployed directly from the App Service resource with a few clicks. The previous deployment workflow only supported Azure Front Door (classic) and Azure CDN.
  • Pre-validated domain integration with Static Web Apps: Static Web App (SWA) customers who have already validated custom domains at the SWA level can now skip domain validation on their Azure Front Door. For more details, see Configure a custom domain on Azure Front Door using the Azure portal.
  • Terraform support for Azure Front Door Standard and Premium, enabling the automation of Azure Front Door Standard and Premium provisioning using Terraform. For more information, see Create a Front Door Standard/Premium profile using Terraform.
  • Azure Advisor integration provides suggestions for best practices and configurations, including expired certificates, certificates about to expire, autorotation failure for managed certificates, domains pending validation after 24 hours, use the latest "secret" version.


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