Wipro and Microsoft partner on services and accelerators for the new Microsoft Energy Data Services


Written by Kadri Umay, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft


This blog post was co-authored by Paul Dejager, OSDU Practice Lead, Wipro.


Since its first customer-ready release, the OSDU™ Data Platform has been tested and piloted within the energy industry with great success. However, customers have been awaiting an enterprise-ready version of the OSDU Data Platform that is secure, resilient, and backed up by SLAs. The platform needs to provide connectivity with the legacy and cloud applications and be extensible and customizable for customer-specific scenarios. Partners like Wipro blend domain experience with the OSDU Data Platform to help accelerate the operationalization of Microsoft Energy Data Services.


Microsoft Energy Data Services is a fully managed, enterprise-grade data platform that enables efficient data management, standardization, liberation, and consumption in energy exploration. The solution is a hyperscale data ecosystem that leverages the capabilities of the OSDU Data Platform, and Microsoft's secure and trustworthy cloud services with our partners’ extensive domain expertise.


A significant constraint with today’s industry business platforms is the strong bias of first principles analysis with a domain value chain that strongly preconditions the way that data is used and when. Data is siloed within the stages of the value chain and locked up by the applications supporting the workflows in these stages. The growing need and demand for data-driven analysis to complement first principles analysis, and for business workflows to also leverage advanced analytics and machine learning (AI/ML) applications are largely unsatisfied.


The OSDU Forum is an open source consortium of energy operators, which has set out to design and develop a cloud-native data platform. Wipro is a key contributor and helps address the data issue by providing self-service consumption of analytics-ready data. This is a critical objective of Wipro’s participation in the OSDU Forum.


Current data management technologies creates substantial lock-in and require significant amounts of effort to run and maintain cost-effective infrastructure. A move to the cloud potentially reduces lockin and running costs and paves the way towards "pay-for-use" rather than "pay-to-own." The existing data foundation platforms are complex, dominated by service and technology providers, and do not readily maximize the benefit of emerging technologies, such as data interoperability and analytics, due to significant legacy content. Furthermore, to date within E&P there has only been limited acceptance of technologies arising from other industries, including the adoption of cloud and Open Source.


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