What's new: The new Azure Sentinel Notebooks experience is now in public preview!


We are happy to announce the public preview for the new and revamped customizable Jupyter notebook experience running on the Azure Machine Learning (AML) platform for analyzing your security data, all within a secure Azure cloud environment!


The new user experience provides an updated interactive UI with Intellisense for improved productivity, support for existing Jupyter and JupyterLab experiences, dedicated notebook compute, as well as point-in-time notebook snapshots and a notebook file explorer for easy notebook collaboration. In addition, take advantage of built-in security analytics via Jupyter notebook templates and the MSTICPy Python library help jumpstart your security analytics and operations.


Whether you are a seasoned security analyst with extensive Python and Jupyter experience, or just starting out, you can immediately start experiencing these benefits by adding Jupyter notebooks to your threat defender arsenal. 


We highly recommend you check out the Getting started with Azure Sentinel Notebooks video and the official documentation to get started.


New intuitive and approachable UI

A new UI experience based on the open source Nteract project. This simple and intuitive UI focuses on delivering simplicity and ease-of-use with full IntelliSense and inline error highlighting directly in your notebooks, drag-and-droppable cells, individual tabs for each notebook, inline toolbars and less clutter. Support for Jupyter and JupyterLab experiences and 10X faster Azure Sentinel notebook launch times.


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