What’s new for Microsoft partners: January 2022 edition

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In the past few months, we have seen new innovations in how Microsoft works with partners during all phases of the partner journey. We’ve launched new tools, resources, and engagement opportunities for you to take advantage of. These developments set the stage for future growth, and include:


Updates to PCI CBA and SMMCS competencies: For partners with Cloud Business Applications or Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competencies, we communicated changes in October regarding the way PCI is calculated, moving from tenant-level association to subscription-level association. Make sure you understand what these changes mean for your organization with the information available here.


Consolidation of leads in Microsoft Partner Center: Managing your pipeline is now easier than ever, as all commercial marketplace leads have been consolidated into one location in Partner Center. Leads originating from Microsoft AppSource, Azure Marketplace, and Azure portal can be managed in Partner Center, in the Leads tab of the Referrals workspace.


Partner Innovation Experience: As our engagement with partners becomes increasingly digital, we are developing new ways to reach audiences with the latest partner innovations. We have developed and launched a new website, the Partner Innovation Experience, to showcase partner solutions across all forms of technology. You can submit your examples to be featured here.


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