What I Wish I Knew: Manufacturing leaders offer firsthand IoT adoption advice




Written by Justin Slade, Director, Channel Marketing


The manufacturing industry’s digital transformation is accelerating as companies increase their use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve efficiency and address common factory challenges. But even if your company makes high-tech products and has a sizable IT team, designing and deploying an IoT solution that creates real improvements in your processes or services isn’t a small undertaking.


To assist, we’re launching the What I Wish I Knew video series, in which manufacturing business leaders share firsthand insights about best practices and common pitfalls to avoid while navigating the setup and deployment of successful IoT solutions—and how they’ve used Microsoft Azure IoT technology to simplify the process.


Adding IoT technology to your manufacturing or industrial operation and expecting immediate results doesn’t just happen without thorough planning. In the words of Scott Gravelle, CEO and chief technology officer of Attabotics, pulling together specific expertise and then integrating the right technology into your operation takes “complexity of orchestration.” Below business leaders share their insights on the possibilities that exist for using IoT in manufacturing, as well as advice for navigating common challenges through proper research, decision-making, and technical expertise.


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