Virtual Training Series: A Deep Dive into Cloud Adoption Framework for Microsoft Azure


Before cloud adoption can begin, you must create a landing zone for your customer to host the workloads they plan to build in or migrate to the cloud. One of the most critical considerations is landing zone design and implementation in your operating model. In this in-depth dive training, hear the Microsoft experts talk about aligning your target operating model with a start-small or Enterprise-scale approach and then discussing how you can build a Partner offering.


Trainers will be in live session to support your questions. The sessions are first executed live. Once completed, it will be made on-demand within 24 hours.



Delivered in 3 times zones to cover all regions:


Occurrence #1: 4:00AM UTC

9:30AM Bangalore | 12:00PM Singapore | 3:00PM Sydney


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Occurrence #2: 10:30AM UTC

10:30AM London | 2:30PM Dubai | 4:00PM Bangalore


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Occurrence #3: 4:30PM UTC

8:30AM San Francisco | 1:30PM Sao Paulo | 5:30PM Paris


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Nov 23, 2020:  Introduction to Azure Landing Zones and Start-small approach

Agenda (2:00 hours):


  • Introduction to CAF & Ready overview
  • Operating Models
  • Azure Landing zones overview
  • Partner landing zone
  • Validate Customers operating model
  • Refactoring & TDD tools
  • Offerings to expand the small start approach


Nov 24, 2020:  A look into Enterprise-scale Landing Zone and building an offering

Agenda (2:00 hours):


  • What is Enterprise-Scale landing zone?
  • Enterprise-scale Design Principles and guidelines
  • Reference Implementation
  • Why and how to build an offering
  • What support does MS provides?





Who should attend:

  • Cloud Solution Architects
  • Azure Administrator
  • Migration engineers


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