Utilize key resources to support your partner journey


Understanding the partner journey is fundamental to succeeding with the Microsoft Partner Network. This is the second post in a series that takes a deeper look at this journey, outlining the considerations, resources, platforms, differentiators, tools, and guidance that are available to help you meet your customers’ needs and scale your organization as a result.


We’re constantly investing to ensure you have what you need to be successful, which means you have a trove of resources available to you as our partner. Knowing where to start and what to utilize next can make all the difference as you progress through building an innovative solution, taking it to the marketplace, and selling.


Let’s explore some of the partner resources you should be aware of, as well as some of the benefits and examples you can incorporate into your own journey. Keep in mind the recommendations, access, and information available to you is often customized to your organization and individual role, so it’s important to explore what is available to you in addition to the guidance offered in this post.


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