Unlock cloud savings on the fly with autoscale on Azure


Written by Diana Gao, Senior Product Marketing Manager


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Unused cloud resources can put an unnecessary drain on your computing budget, and unlike legacy on-premises architectures, there is no need to over-provision compute resources for times of heavy usage.


Autoscaling is one of the value levers that can help unlock cost savings for your Azure workloads by automatically scaling up and down the resources in use to better align capacity to demand. This practice can greatly reduce wasted spend for those dynamic workloads with inherently “peaky” demand.


In some cases, workloads with occasionally high peak demand have extremely low average utilization, making them ill-suited for other cost optimization practices, such as rightsizing and reservations.


For periods when an app puts a heavier demand on cloud resources, autoscaling adds resources to handle the load and satisfy service-level agreements for performance and availability. And for those times when the load demand decreases (nights, weekends, holidays), autoscaling can remove idle resources to reduce costs. Autoscaling automatically scales between the minimum and maximum number of instances and will run, add, or remove VMs automatically based on a set of rules.


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