Transfer of a Developer Licence

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Dear Community,

our institute has been selling an app (name of the app: Synthesis App) via the Microsoft Store since 2015 (see

We are a licensee of a company in Belgium and selling the German version of this app.

Now we want to transfer the license back to this company and stop our own sales, i.e. the company in Belgium should sell the German version of the app instead of our company via the Microsoft Store in the future.

I have been trying for weeks to find the direct contact person for this matter. I have therefore contacted Microsoft by e-mail and asked for a direct link or telephone number. Unfortunately in vain.


I have only received a few links to contact. Among others also a link of this forum.


Now I ask you if you have experience with the transfer of a developer license to another business partner, to tell me what I have to do and who I can contact.


Thank you very much in advance for your help.
With kind regards
Yours, Reinhard Rosé

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