Three tips to help you market yourself as a Microsoft partner

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The Microsoft partner journey is designed to lead to sustainable, long-term success. Our ongoing investments in partner development help you grow in the direction of your goals. When it comes time to take your solution to market, the tools and resources we offer will help you drive demand for your offer. Effectively marketing yourself as a partner helps customers better understand the value of products and solutions, as well as their use, and makes a lasting impression.


As you create a marketing plan that will help you stand out from the competition, here are three key concepts to keep in mind:


1. Differentiate your organization.


The ultimate goal of our Go-To-Market resources is to help partners differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace. By clarifying your target audience and unique value, your marketing efforts will make a stronger impact on prospective customers.


We focus on three key steps for differentiating your organization:


  • Know your target market: One of the basics of every marketing plan is a clearly defined core audience. Any market analysis should take into consideration company size, industry, or specialized offering (or some combination of these factors) to develop your unique value proposition in a way that centers your customers’ needs.
  • Know your trends: Having oriented yourself in the market by identifying key industry markers, you can remain competitive by staying educated. Keep tabs on which elements of your industry and customer base are evolving and invest in training and technology to stay current. By referencing the best information, you can also take educated risks that drive success.
  • Know your purpose: Today’s consumers are highly interested in dealing with companies that share their values. When telling your story, it’s important to include the values that your company embodies. Not only does this build trust with customers, it can help you evolve in ways that are true to your values and those of your customers. Microsoft offers ways to develop and demonstrate your commitments through certifications, competencies, and more.


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