The Enclave Device Blueprint for confidential computing at the edge

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Written by Eustace Asanghanwa, Principal Program Manager, Azure IoT


A major milestone towards making confidential computing in IoT mainstream for privacy and safety.


In collaboration with Arm® Technologies and Scalys BV, we are announcing the immediate availability of the Enclave Device Blueprint to help towards making confidential computing a mainstream computing paradigm at the edge. The exponential growth in intelligent processing at the edge and autonomous command and control in the internet of things (IoT) necessitates confidential computing to protect privacy and safety. Confidential computing at the edge demands the use of security-hardened and tamper-resistant computing isolations called Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) or simply enclaves. Enclave devices are extremely complex to engineer and operate, and their absence is holding back the fullest potential in edge computing. The Enclave Device Blueprint is here to help simplify the engineering of enclave devices and deploying confidential applications in IoT.


Figure 1: Enclave Device Blueprint ArchitectureFigure 1: Enclave Device Blueprint Architecture


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