The enablement advantage: introducing a new series


Written by Kymber Lowe, Senior Director, Global Partner Enablement, Global Partner Solutions


This blog is the first in a new series, “The enablement advantage.” In this series, Kymber Lowe will share her insights as the senior director, Global Partner Enablement and discuss the advantage that enablement resources offer partners and their customers.


At Microsoft, my team’s primary goal is building end-to-end capability among our partners. By offering full-service enablement opportunities, we are striving to equip them with the skills and knowledge required to remain competitive, successful, and innovative. Encompassing technical skill-building, sales support, and much more, we design all our offerings to create and drive market advantage.


Each enablement option has specific benefits for you as a partner, as well as for your customers. By building a deeper understanding of Microsoft technology—along with acquiring new accreditations and certifications—you will be able to develop and deliver more powerful solutions with superior results. A core-element of our enablement programs is training that allows you to not only strengthen your offering, but also learn how to better communicate why your Microsoft-based solutions are the right fit for your customers. The strength of our partnership depends on us making sure we’re providing you with the tools and resources you need to build your business and deliver success for customers. And, as Rodney Clark outlined at Microsoft Inspire, we’re committed to deepening your technical capability by investing in and accelerating technical skills across the partner ecosystem.


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