The blueprint to securely solve the elusive zero-touch provisioning of IoT devices at scale


Written by Eustace Asanghanwa, Principal Program Manager, Azure IoT


The 2020 IoT Signals Report reveals 95 percent of IoT projects fail at proof of concept (PoC), with a significant portion due to the inability to scale despite the existence of many claims touting zero-touch provisioning. Imagine the following winning alternative instead: an IoT solution builder receives a batch of devices from its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and all they do is power them to get the following:


  • Automatic and secure onboarding to a production certificates provider.
  • Receipt of device operational certificate credentials.
  • Automatic provisioning to cloud application services.
  • Automation of credentials renewal and lifecycle management.


More so, this seamless process is the same for all devices, whether in PoC or the millionth in production, and the best part is that setup requires only three simple one-time non-engineering actions by the solution builder. This is exactly what we’ve accomplished with partners and now present how as a blueprint.


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