Take steps to protect networking security with Azure Security Management Deep Dive workshop


Protecting an enterprise’s online identity, data and information is an ongoing mission for security IT professionals. The Azure Security Management Deep Dive sessions will provide a solid understanding of how the components of Microsoft Defender for Cloud and other security Azure tools can help secure cloud-based infrastructures from potential attacks.


The workshop is a combination of technical lectures and hands-on lab training to help partners acquire the skills and knowledge to secure Azure, third-party clouds, and other hybrid environments. Attendees will also learn about the tools they can use to standardize their approach to securing Azure by using the Cloud Adoption Framework.


Some expected takeaways from the workshop will include:


  • How to streamline the Cloud Adoption Framework to sell and deploy workloads for customers
  • Which of the Azure networking tools can enhance my customer’s online security status?
  • How can I manage third-party clouds with Azure tools?
  • Ability to follow along with the presenters in a hands-on environment using real data


This workshop will be presented in two time regions, APAC and EMEA, on May 9-12, 2022.


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