Streamline Azure workloads with ExpressRoute BGP community support


Written by Tanu Balla, Program Manager, Azure Networking


In today’s globalized world, customers have started to maintain and expand their presence in the cloud across different geographic regions. With these increased deployments across Azure regions comes the increased complexity of customers’ hybrid networks. Establishing connectivity is no longer as simple as exchanging IP addresses between one pair of Azure regions and on-premises locations. Connectivity now requires additional configuration and reconfiguration of IP prefixes and route filters over time as the number of regions and on-premises locations grows. The introduction of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) community support for Azure ExpressRoute, now in preview, lifts this burden for customers who connect privately to Azure. The support of this feature will also help simplify and unlock new network designs.


A brief overview of ExpressRoute

ExpressRoute lets customers extend their on-premises networks into the Microsoft Cloud over a private connection. With ExpressRoute, customers can connect to services in the Microsoft Cloud, including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, without going over the public internet. An ExpressRoute connection provides more reliability, lower latency, and higher security than a public internet connection.


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